Top 5 Advantages of Getting a DOULA Certification

Although there is no requirement for getting a doula certification in order to become a doula, there are many benefits for getting one.

Higher salary – A doula that has a certification commands a higher salary per birth than one who does not.

Job referrals – Some certification programs place your contact information in a directory for expectant mothers seeking a doula to browse.

Access to more resources – Doula certification programs have many resources for job finding, networking, and answers to any questions about the doula profession.
More experience – Doulas gain valuable real life experience through attending the workshops, seminars, and live births required from certification programs.

Credibility – Getting a certification lets your potential employer know that you have passed tests, attended workshops, and achieved a certain standard of education.

Is Doula Certification the Right Choice for Me?

Not all doulas get a certification.  In fact, there are many experienced, non-certified doulas.  Here are a few factors to think about if you are considering getting a doula certification:

Cost – Doula certification programs can be fairly expensive.  Some programs cost $500 or more.

Time – Not everyone has time to attend workshops, classes, and take tests.  Some programs can take several weeks to complete.

Experience – If you already have plenty of experience as a doula, then a doula certification program may not be as beneficial to you as someone that does not have much experience.