CAPPA Online Distance Learning Certification

CAPPA, Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, you must register for the online program, complete the online classes, attend childbirths, and read doula training material.  There is no requirement to attend a training workshop.

The certification which you will receive is affiliated with CAPPA and will be recognized as a professional birth doula certificate.  You have up to 2 years to complete the online doula training requirements at New Beginnings is 6 months to 1 year.

CAPPA Online Certification Requirements:

  • Register for CAPPA membership
  • Enroll and complete the distance learning course
  • Read the CAPPA training manual and accompanying DVD
  • Read 5 books from the required reading list 
  • Attend at least 3 childbirths and have your doula skills checklist signed by someone at the birth
  • Obtain an evaluation from the parent and healthcare provider at each birth
  • Finish Part 1 of the Hug Your Baby Training
  • Construct a list of resources and support in your local area that can be utilized by expectant parents
  • Complete an online multiple choice exam and essays with an 85% grade or higher.

Coursework Topics:

The courses will cover understanding the process and anatomy of labor and birth.  Discussion will talk about the scope of a doula’s job, including procedures and support which a doula can provide to the mother.  The class will also discuss how to empower and encourage your client with evidence-based information to make her own choices that reflects her needs.  Finally, the basics of initial breastfeeding will be taught as part of newborn care.

Costs and Fees:  
The CAPPA membership fee is $65.  The total cost for the online distance learning program is $600. Every 3 years, you must show that you’re up to date in your doula training in order to get re-certified. The re-certification fee is $75. 

More information about the courses and certification is available at