Doula Training in South Dakota

In South Dakota, you are not required to have a certification or a university degree to train or practice as a doula.  Enrolling in a certification program is entirely voluntary and dependent on your job objectives.

Below is a list of educational classes and/or workshops available in South Dakota which can used as part of your doula training.  If you decide to enter a certification program, please read the details to determine if the training classes or workshops are required part of that program’s curriculum.

Doula Training in Sioux Falls, SD

Organization Name:  J&M Birth Consultants International
Phone:  605-691-5808

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

  • 2 day Birth doula training workshop (requirement towards DONA certification)

Course and Workshop Topics
As part of your doula training, these courses will cover the following:

  • Identify sources of stress for the mother and baby
  • Learn the physical and emotional aspects of labor and birth
  • Learn different labor and pushing positions during labor
  • Demonstrate various relaxation and rhythm techniques
  • Recognize the bonding experience between mother, newborn, and her family
  • Understand the role of a doula in assisting in breastfeeding
  • Discuss the ethics and requirements for certification

Costs and Fees

Birth doula workshop – $375
There is a $175 deposit required for the workshop.

Registration Details

Register online at