Postpartum Doula Training in West Virginia

You are not required to have a college degree (BS or BA) or have a certification in order to work as a postpartum doula in West Virginia.  However, many doulas end up pursuing a certification in order become qualified for more doula jobs.

Below is a list of training opportunities available in the state of West Virginia which you could incorporate into your postpartum doula education. Please read the requirements carefully to determine if the classes are a required part of a certification curriculum.

Postpartum Doula Training in Charleston, WV

Organization Name:  Charleston Area Medical Center, Family Resource Center
Phone:  304-388-2545

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

The classes offered are Baby Care Basics class (2.5 hours), Breastfeeding class (3 hours), and Pediatric CPR class (2 hours).  The primary focus for these classes are development of skills for a postpartum doula rather than a birth doula, although birth doulas can still attend.  These courses are not required for a certification with DONA or CAPPA.

Course and Workshop Topics
These classes will go over the following concepts:

  • In an interactive setting, learn the proper way to bath, diaper, and swaddle a newborn
  • Understand common infant safety concerns that can occur at home including toys and clothing safety
  • Discuss the normal characteristics of a newborn such as sleeping and feeding patterns
  • Learn how to give an infant a head start in life through breastfeeding
  • Discuss the details of lactation, how to latch, breastfeeding positions, and feeding schedule 
  • Gain knowledge of breastfeeding safety including milk pump handling and storage as well as breast care
  • Learn how infant CPR differs from adult CPR and obtain hands-on practice of the American Heart Association’s lifesaving techniques for newborns

Costs and Fees
The Baby Care Basics class is $40, The Breastfeeding class is $40, and the Pediatric CPR class is $15.

Registration Details

You can check available class times, register, and pay by clicking here.