How to Become a Certified Birth Arts International Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula certification from Birth Arts International requires you to take courses, attend a postpartum doula workshop, provide postpartum support to 4 families, read doula training literature, and complete assignments.

According to Birth Arts International, you may take the classes online or as distance learning, however the workshop must be attended in-person.  You must have access to a computer in order to view the postpartum doula training DVDs or streams.

Birth Arts International Postpartum Doula Certification Requirements:  

  • Enroll in the course, either online classes or distance learning
  • Attend a weekend postpartum doula training workshop
  • Read doula training manuals
  • Read literature from the required reading list 
  • Watch training videos through DVD or through streams
  • Complete business planning assignments to learn how to grow your business
  • Support 4 mothers in their postpartum period 
  • You are not required to have a membership with Birth Arts International in order to get certified

Birth Arts International Postpartum Doula Certification Costs and Fees:  

  • Training Program Cost (online classes and in-person workshop): $400
  • Distance Learning Cost: $450
  • Doula Books: Varies
  • Membership Fee: free
  • Recertification Fee:  free

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