Doula Training Online

Online training is a convenient way of training to become a doula.  Receiving training over the internet in the comfort and safety of your own home offers a relaxing and stress free learning environment.  It allows you to have a flexible schedule while learning at your own pace.

The biggest advantage to online training is the fact that you don’t have to live close to a training center or have to travel to one.  Because you won’t have to commute to workshops and classes, you save tons of time.  You’ll also have access to the wisdom of experienced doulas at your fingertips.  Online training is the perfect solution for women who want a more flexible training schedule.

What do Online Doula Training Programs Offer?

Online certification programs offer the same high quality education as you would receive with in-person programs. These online courses cover the scope of a doula’s job to support and act as an advocate for a mother during her late pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and postpartum period.  You will learn about labor support through online presentations and coursework.  Reading doula training literature at home will also be a part of the curriculum and assignments can be completed and turned in online for feedback. Once you’ve completed the requirements of the program, you will receive your certification and you’re ready to get started as a doula!

List of Doula Programs That Offer Online Training

The requirements of individual training programs differ.  Click on the link for each program to see what the topics covered by the classes as well as requirements to receive a certification online.

New Beginning Doula Training is an online program that offers a certification for completing the training requirements.  Click here to learn more about the requirements of this online program.

Childbirth International is an internationally recognized training program which focuses more on online work and has no workshop attendance requirements.  For more information about the requirements of this online certification program, click here.

CAPPA is a recognized birth doula certification granting program.  It’s online distance learning program has no workshop attendance requirements.  To learn more about the requirements of the online distance learning program, click here.

Birth Arts International E-Learning certification program has trained over 20,000 new doulas.  To learn more about the requirements of the online e-learning program, click here.