Doula Training in Idaho

Idaho is a state that does not require doula to hold a certification in order to practice in the state. You may decide get certified to advance your career goals and to be more qualified in the eyes of your employers, however, that is strictly voluntary in Idaho. Also, there is no requirement for  a high school dipolma or a college degree in order to work.

The following is a list of educational resources and classes available in the Indiana area which can be used for your doula training.  If you enroll in a doula certification program, you will be required to take certain classes as part of the curriculum.  These classes will be noted in the details section, so please read carefully.

Doula Training in Idaho Falls, ID

Organization Name:  Baby Bump Services
Instructor:  Kyndal May
Phone:  208-695-7767

Course and Workshop Details 

This will be a 4 day doula training workshop.  The Introduction to Childbirthing class will be included with the workshop.  Both parts are required if you are enrolled in the DONA certification program.  They are offered from April 19-22, 2017 from 8:30AM – 6:00PM each day.

Costs and Fees

Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas class with the Doula training workshop – $375 – $450 (depending on how many people register)

Registration Details

To download registration forms and to read the brochure, click here.

Doula Training in Boise, ID

Organization Name:  Idaho Doula Training Workshop

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

  • 3 day Birth doula training workshop (not affiliated with any doula certification organization, not required by DONA or CAPPA)

Course and Workshop Topics
As part of your doula training, these courses will cover the following:

  • Learn the hormones involved in birth and they affect both the mother and baby
  • Discuss how to provide massages as a form of physical support
  • Identify the different signs of labor
  • Understand anatomy, physiology, and basic medical terms
  • Learn common procedures used during labor and delivery
  • Roleplay various scenarios that you will encounter during contact with your client
  • Discuss the ethics, standards, and requirements for certification

Costs and Fees

Birth doula workshop – $450