Doula Salary Information

Most Important Factors that determine doula salaries:

  • where she lives – her income is based on the cost of living for that city or town
  • how much experience she has – is she certified or non-certified?
  • how many clients she serves – how large is her business
  • whether she is also a postpartum doula – supporting the mother after her labor will earn you extra income
  • if she provides any additional services – supplement your income with services focusing on the mother and newborn

Average Doula Salary

The average annual birth doula salary is $30,000, but can be much higher if you live in a large city and if you are certified.  Doulas that network with expectant mothers and receive good referrals will also have a higher salary.

Your Salary Depends on Where You Live

Big metropolitan areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Houston have a higher cost of living.  Additionally, there are more upper class people living in these areas.  Finally, there are more opportunities to find work in larger cities than in smaller towns.  Therefore, doulas working in larger metropolitan areas can charge more and have a higher salary.  If you live in a big city you wage can be $2,000 or more per birth.  If you live in a small town, your wage could be $500 – $1000 per birth.

Experienced Doulas Earn More

Experienced doulas that have been working for many years and those who are certified, earn higher salary than those who are just starting out in their careers.  For example, labor doulas who are still in training charge an average of $200 per birth.  After gaining more experience and finishing their training, they will begin to earn more.

Higher Salary for Serving More Clients

How much money a doula makes depends on how many clients she serves,  The more mothers and newborns you support, the higher your yearly salary.  Be sure to network with expectant mothers in order to find the most opportunities for work.  Word of mouth in getting referrals is your best tool for getting more jobs and therefore, a higher salary.

Postpartum Doula Salary

Many birth doulas transition into a postpartum doula once the baby is born.  The average salary a postpartum doula earns is $15 to $25 an hour.  The wage depends on how much support the mother and infant requires, so be sure to consult with the mother for her expectations during the postpartum period.

Supplementary Services for More Income

Doulas will often provide other services to the mother in order to supplement their income.  Taking photographs and recording videos of the infant with the mother and their new family is a popular service.  Communicate with the mother and family to understand their needs and negotiate additional services that a caring doula can provide.