Find a Doula in Rhode Island

Find a Doula in Providence, RI

Heather Jackson

Business Name:  Mothering Moms Doula Serivces
Phone:  701-610-8322

I am a DONA trained Birth Doula, however I do not hold certification. I was trained in 2011 and have been to 5 births. I am a single mom and I have been in graduate school and work other jobs, so have not had the time to put into doula work as I’ve liked. I gave birth to my daughter with very little medical intervention in a hospital and am very passionate about doula work! I have volunteered with various organizations promoting women’s health. I co-founded a women’s health collective and I am active in the community regarding politics. I have also done a lot of research regarding maternal and child health through school and am planning on attending a full-spectrum doula training this year. I have also volunteered at women’s health clinics.

Doula Services Offered:

I provide labor doula services in a 30 mile radius of Providence, RI.  I also have training in TENS units and hold a MA in Counseling and a MPH. My research interests are maternal and child health. I also have reduced rates for women considering adoption, low-income families, ESL families/women, and teen mothers. I offer miscarriage and abortion support, as well.