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Find a Doula in Canton, CT

Angela Rooney, BA

Business Name:  I Heart My Pregnancy
Phone:  860-263-9065


Angela graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Psychology.   After her own child's birth, she realized the need for continuous informational and emotional support and became a birth doula in 2014.  She's also a Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist and is passionate about women remaining strong and active during pregnancy to help achieve their desired birth outcomes with her Fit for Childbirth class and helps new moms heal and recondition from pregnancy and child birth safely with her Pelvic Floor and Core Restore class.

Services Offered:

Serving the Farmington Valley, Greater Hartford, and Virtual Coaching

I offer birth doula support and private fitness sessions within 40 miles of Canton, CT.  I also offer I Heart My Pregnancy Coaching virtually worldwide.  I also teach my Fit for Childbirth and Pelvic Floor And Restore Classes in Canton.

Find a Doula in Norwich, CT

Wendy Poplett CD(DONA) IPSP

Business Name:  Tree of Life Placenta Services & Labor Techniques
Phone:  860-917-8473


I have been a Birthing Doula since 2010 and assisted in over 50 births both hospital and home-births. I have experience with Natural, Medicated, High-Risk, C-Section, Twins, and High Anxiety Moms.

Training: Certified DONA Doula, Rebozo techniques, Spinning Babies, Hypnosis, CAPPA Childbirth Education and Independent Placenta Service Provider (IPSP).

Services Offered:

I am currently teaching LABORING Techniques Classes which includes a section on Yoga techniques with Carol Klammer-Yoga Therapist, in her studio at All Heart Yoga and Wellness, 12 Case St., Norwich, CT.  This class was developed by Kathy Uschmann Educator/Doula and myself after years in the birthing world. We teach laboring techniques to moms and partners no matter how you choose to birth. Whether your preferred birth plans include all natural or all medication and interventions, you will learn techniques and information that will help you, your partner and your baby have the best evidence based birth experience possible. This class is NOT a hospital based Childbirth Ed program.

I also provide Placenta  Encapsulation Services within 25 miles of the Norwich area.

Find a Doula in Milford, CT

Tami Washenko

Business Name:  Earthside Mama Love
Phone:  203-522-8017


I've been supporting families as a birth and postpartum doula since September of 2013. I am also certified as a Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, helping women have healthy pregnancies and go into their labor and births feeling prepared, confident and empowered. As well as helping them heal and nourish, postpartum. I'm also currently working towards my Holistic Nutritionist Certification as well. I'm trained in shiatsu massage and reflexology as well as rebozo and I teach a number of childbirth education classes.

Doula Services Offered:

I provide birth doula services in a 60 mile radius of Milford, CT. I provide postpartum doula services in a 20 mile radius of Milford, CT.

Additional Services:

  • Pre and Postnatal Personal training - Virtual or In Connecticut
  • Pregnancy Coach - Virtual or In Connecticut
  • Relaxation for Labor Class - Connecticut
  • Conscious Birth Workshop - Virtual or In Connecticut