Postpartum Doula Training in Vermont

Vermont, like the other New England states, does not require a postpartum doula to be certified.  You are allowed to work in the state without a certification or a college degree.

Listed below are training classes taught in Vermont that could be utilized as part of your postpartum doula education.  Please read the class details and requirements carefully to determine if they are a required part of a certification program.

Postpartum Doula Training in South Burlington, VT

Organization Name:  South County Health
Phone:  401-792-2229

Class and Workshop Details and Requirements

The classes taught are Baby Basics: Infant Care class (2.5 hours), Preparation for Breastfeeding class (2.5 hours), Prenatal Infant Massage class (2.5 hours), and the Pediatric CPR class (2.5 hours). These classes are primarily for women interested in becoming a postpartum doula, although those interested in becoming a birth doula can still attend.  The classes are not required by postpartum doula certification organizations such as CAPPA, DONA, or Birth Arts.

Course and Workshop Topics

These classes will teach you the following concepts about providing postpartum support to the new mother and baby:
  • Using hands-on training using a doll, learn newborn infant care basics such as diapering, swaddling, and bathing
  • Understand how to keep a newborn safe, what to do if the baby is sick, and how to soothe a fussy infant
  • Discuss how to help the family adjust to their new addition
  • Learn the anatomy and physiology of lactation and its benefits
  • Discuss breastfeeding positions and latching as well as how to overcome common feeding problems
  • Learn tips for proper milk pumping, handling, and storage
  • Be informed the emotional advantages of infant massage and how it encourages bonding, attachment, and relieves colic
  • Learn strokes for full body massages and stretching techniques
  • By using a training doll, learn how to provide airway obstruction relief to infants safely

Costs and Fees

The Baby Basics: Infant Care class is $40, the Preparation for Breastfeeding class is $40, the Prenatal Infant Massage class is $40, and the Pediatric CPR class is $25.

Registration Details

You can check class dates by clicking here.  Preregistration is required by calling the phone number listed above.