Postpartum Doula Training in Delaware

You do not have to be a certified postpartum doula to practice in Delaware.  It is optional to enroll in a certification granting organization.  It is also optional to have a bachelors of science or arts degree in order to practice.

The following is a listing of trainings available in the state of Delaware that could be useful for your postpartum doula education.  Please read the details to determine if the classes are a required part of a certification curriculum.  You are required to be at least 18 years old to register.

Postpartum Doula Training Close to Delaware (Swarthmore, PA)

Organization Name:  Nurturing the Doula
Instructor:  Jackie Kelleher
Phone:  610-220-5537

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

This is a 3 day postpartum doula training workshop.  This workshop satisfies the workshop portion of a DONA certification as a postpartum doula.  Even though this workshop is DONA-approved, you do not have to be enrolled in DONA to receive training through the class.  The workshop is offered on Feb. 24-26 1, 2017 and on June 2-4, 2017 from 8:00AM to 6:30PM daily.

Costs and Fees

The cost for the postpartum doula workshop is $525.  There is a fee if you decide to cancel.

Registration Details

To register, pay online, and read additional workshop policies, click here.

Postpartum Doula Training in Newark, DE

Organization Name:  Christiana Care Health System
Phone:  302-733-2472

Class and Workshop Details and Requirements

The classes offered are Newborn Steps class, Breastfeeding class (taught by a lactation consultant), and Happiest Baby on the Block class (includes the CD/DVD for you to keep), and CPR for Friends and Family class. These classes are not required or affiliated with a certification organization such as DONA International or CAPPA.

Course and Workshop Topics

These classes will teach you the following concepts about postpartum support:
  • Using hands-on techniques, learn about diapering, bathing, and umbilical cord care
  • Understand how to properly babyproof a home
  • Discuss how latching and positioning is important for proper breastfeeding
  • Learn how to tell if a baby is getting enough milk and how to troubleshoot common breastfeeding issues 
  • Discuss how to calm and soothe a crying, fussy baby and learn how to encourage an infant to sleep longer

Costs and Fees

Newborn Steps class - $40
Breastfeeding class - $30
Happiest Baby on the Block class - $65
CPR for Family and Friends class - $45

Registration Details

Check class dates and time or register by clicking here.  You can also pay by mailing a check to:

The Parent Education Department, Room 4A47
P.O. Box 6001
Newark, DE 19718
For more information and