Postpartum Doula Training in Kentucky

You can work as a postpartum doula in Kentucky without having a certification.  Postpartum doulas are also not required to have a BS or BA degree in the state.

The following is a listing trainings in Kentucky that could be useful for your postpartum doula training. Please read the details carefully to determine whether the trainings are required for certification.  Only those who are 18 or older are allowed to enroll.

Postpartum Doula Training in Lexington, KY

Organization Name:  Baptist Health Lexington
Phone:  859-323-2750

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

The classes offered are Baby Basics class (2 hours), Nursing Your Infant class (3 hours), and Infant CPR class (2 hours). These classes are not a requirement of a certification curriculum such as DONA, CAPPA, or Birth Arts International.

Course and Workshop Topics

These classes will go over the following concepts:
  • Learn basic day-to-day caretaking tips for a newborn in the immediate postpartum period such as feeding and bathing
  • Understand how a normal newborn appears 
  • Discuss cord and circumcision care 
  • Participate in hands-on swaddling, dressing, and diapering using a doll
  • Learn about infant-specific cardiopulmonary resuscitation as well as other infant-specific safety issues
  • Discuss in proper breastfeeding positioning and latch-on, in addition to pumping and hand expression
  • Learn how to comfort and prevent discomforts

Costs and Fees

Baby Basics class - $25
Nursing Your Infant class - $25
Infant CPR class - $40

Registration Details

Enroll, check open classes, and pay online by clicking here.