Postpartum Doula Training in Illinois

Illinois does not have a restriction on whether or not you need a certification to work.  In other words, there is no requirement to have a postpartum doula certification in the state.  Additionally, there is no requirement to have a university degree in order to work in Illinois.

The following is a list of educational classes or workshops in the Illinois area which may be used as your postpartum doula training.  You do not have to be earning a certification in order to attend, however, you must be 18 years or older.

Postpartum Doula Training in Chicago, IL

Organization Name:  Nurturing Doula Dreams
Instructor:  Ann Grauer
Phone:  414-704-0320

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

This is a 3 day training workshop is a step to becoming a postpartum doula. This workshop satisfies the workshop portion of the DONA postpartum doula certification. You can attend and receive training even if you are not enrolled with DONA.  The workshop is offered on April 7-9, 2017.

Costs and Fees

The cost for the postpartum doula workshop is $465.  If you register early, the price is $425.

Registration Details

To register, email or call 414-704-0320.

Organization Name:  ProDoula
Phone:  914-400-3494

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

One day, 10 hour, comprehensive workshop is required for ProDoula postpartum doula certification. Membership with ProDoula is also required to become certified.

Course and Workshop Topics

As part of your postpartum doula training, the workshop will cover the following:
  • Discuss how to provide non-judgmental physical, emotional, and educational support
  • Understand the importance of communication and discover different listening styles and birth stories
  • Learn when to encourage the mother to call a medical professional
  • Discuss breastfeeding benefits, challenges, and support
  • Engage in providing education in newborn care with such topics as sleeping, feeding, vaccines, SIDS, circumcision, and providing comfort
  • Discover and respecting different parenting philosophies
  • Learn to recognize the signs of postpartum depression and post traumatic stress disorders
  • Gain knowledge of frequently asked interview questions and how much to charge for your services
  • Discuss the standards of practice and certification requirements from ProDoula

Costs and Fees

The cost of the workshop is $395.  An initial annual membership fee of $75 is also required.  Subsequent annual membership fee is $50.

Registration Details

Register and pay online by clicking here.