Postpartum Doula Training in Colorado

You don't need a certification or need to have graduated from college in the state of Colorado in order to become a postpartum doula.

The following is a listing of classes or workshops available in Utah which you could use to start your postpartum doula training.  Please read the details carefully to determine whether the curriculum is a required part of a certification process.  You are required to be at least 18 to attend the classes.

Postpartum Doula Training in Wheat Ridge, CO

Organization Name:  The Family Room
Instructor:  Patience Bleskan, CPD
Phone:  720-839-6555

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

This a 2 day postpartum doula training workshop that is required for a CPD (Certified Postpartum Doula) through CAPPA.  You will receive 18 hours credit for this workshop and a training manual will be provided.  You do not have to be affiliated or enrolled with CAPPA to attend. The workshop is offered on December 1-2, 2017 from 9:00AM - 7:00PM daily.

Costs and Fees

The cost for the postpartum doula training workshop is $475.  There is a $50 discount for early registration.

Registration Details

To register, pay online, and read additional workshop policies, click here.

Postpartum Doula Training in Boulder, CO

Organization Name:  Boulder Community Health
Phone:  303-415-7834

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

The classes offered are Your Newborn: the Owner's Manual class (1 session), Breastfeeding Essentials class (1 session), Happiest Baby on the Block class (1 session), Infant CPR and First Aid class (1 session), and Infant Massage class (1 session, 2 year AHA certification card will be given upon completion of class).  These classes are not affiliated with certification organizations such as DONA International.

Course and Workshop Topics

These classes will provide the following trainings:
  • Learn essential newborn care skills such as bathing, diapering, cord care, taking temperatures, soothing techniques, and how to recognize symptoms of illness
  • Understand the sleeping and feeding patterns of infants as well as how to enhance infant development
  • Engage in the healing power of infant massage through stimulation and relaxation using dolls as hands-on practice
  • Discuss how to provide CPR and how to manage minor injuries
  • Learn how to calm a fussy baby 
  • Discuss the physical and emotional impact of breastfeeding on both the caregiver and the infant
  • Understand infant nutritional needs and when the baby wants to breastfeed

Costs and Fees

Your Newborn: the Owner's Manual class - $25
Breastfeeding Essentials class - $25
Happiest Baby on the Block class - $40
Infant Massage class - $35
Infant CPR and First Aid - $40

Registration Details

 Register online and check the class availability by clicking here.