Postpartum Doula Training in Alabama

Alabama's state regulations does not require you to have a postpartum doula certification to practice. Becoming certified is voluntary in order to learn new techniques and caregiving information.  Additionally, there is no requirement to have a college diploma or equivalent in order to work.

The following is a list of educational classes and resources in the Alabama area which may be used as your postpartum doula training.  Classes affiliated with a certification program will be listed in the details.  You do not have to be pursuing a certification in order to attend, however, you must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Postpartum Doula Training in Montgomery, AL

Organization Name:  For Love of Baby
Instructor:  Laura Nance
Phone:  828-446-6705

Course and Workshop Details 

2 day Postpartum Doula training workshop
  • 4/28/2017 to 4/29/2017
  • Required as part of the CAPPA postpartum doula certification
  • Do not need to be enrolled through CAPPA to attend

Costs and Fees

The Postpartum Doula training workshop costs $450.00 if registered before March 28, 2017. Otherwise the cost will be $500.

Registration Details

Email to register or for cancellation details.

Postpartum Doula Training in Dolthan, AL

Organization Name:  Southeast Alabama Medical Center Women's Center
Phone:  334-793-8956

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

Lamaze-based class - one 3 hour class per week for 4 weeks
Breastfeeding class - 3 hour class
Baby Safety class - 2 hour class
Traveling with a Newborn class - 2 hour class

These classes will teach you essential postpartum doula skills, but are not affiliated with a certification-granting organization such as DONA or CAPPA.

Course and Workshop Topics

These classes will train you in the following topics as part of your postpartum doula training:
  • Discuss various newborn characteristics such as sleeping patterns, frequency of feeding, and other aspects of normal infant behavior
  • Learn how to provide postpartum care
  • Understand that families need time to adjust to a newborn and different methods to ease a newborn into a new family
  • Learn the factual benefits of nursing a baby
  • Discuss how to manage the difficulties of breastfeeding and learn how to support a breastfeeding woman
  • Demonstrate how to baby-proof a home as well as proper car seat safety
  • Learn how to safely provide daily newborn care such as feeding and bathing

Costs and Fees

Lamaze-based class - $35
Breastfeeding class - $10
Baby Safety class - $10
Traveling with a Newborn class - $10

Registration Details

Register online and check available dates and times by clicking here.

Payments can be sent to:

Southeast Alabama Medical Center
Women's Center, Childbirth Education
1108 Ross Clark Circle
Dothan, AL 36301