Birth Arts International E-Learning Certification

Birth Arts International offers a doula certification program.  You must attend online childbirth education classes, complete the assignments given online and in the Birth Arts training workbook and, attend multiple childbirths, and read doula training literature.

According to Birth Arts International, there is no workshop requirement.  Once you've completed the program, your certificate is recognized as being affiliated with Birth Arts International and you can begin to practice as a birth doula.  There is no time limit to completing the doula training requirements.

Birth Arts International Certification Requirements:

  • Enroll and complete the online course, students will have access to all the course materials online through an online classroom
  • Attend an 8 hour Childbirth Education class
  • Complete all assignments and submit them through the online classroom
  • Be mentored through Skype from an instructor
  • Watch childbirth training videos either on DVD or through streams
  • Read 9 books from the required reading list 
  • Attend 5 childbirths, preferably 3 hospital births, 1 cesarean birth, and 1 home birth
  • Take and pass an online exam at the end of your training

Coursework Topics:

The courses will go over the various forms of labor support skills that a doula should possess.  The courses and assignments will train you to perform your duties in an ethical and culturally sensitive fashion.  You will learn how to develop your business as a doula, client interactions, and how to market yourself.

Costs and Fees:  

The total cost for the Birth Arts International Certification E-Learning program is $400.  Re-certification is not required so there is no re-certification fee.

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