Doula Training in West Virginia

In West Virginia, the state law does not require doulas to hold a certification to begin working within the state.  Becoming certified is both optional and voluntary, however, some women choose to get certified because it is a requirement for some jobs. Additionally, West Virginia does not require doulas to have studied in college in order to work or train within the state.

Below is a listing of various educational courses, workshops, or other resources in the West Virginia area which you can use for your doula training.  If a class is affiliated with a certification curriculum, it will be noted in the details.  It is required that you be of at least 18 years or older in order to attend.

Doula Training Near West Virginia in Pittsburgh, PA

Organization Name:  Hearts and Hands
Phone:  412-973-3521

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements
  • 2 day Birth doula training workshop (requirement for DONA certification)

Course and Workshop Topics

As part of your doula training, these courses will cover the following:
  • Learn the responsibilities of a doula
  • Identify different types of support
  • Recognize the unexpected outcomes during labor
  • Roleplaying birthing scenarios
  • Learn about newborns and breastfeeding during the postpartum period
  • Discuss the process of the certification

  • Begin to read DONA approved books
  • Compile a list of local resources for expectant parents
  • View birth videos or observe a birth 
  • Visit and tour a birth hospital

Costs and Fees

Birth Doula Workshop - $450
$50 late fee

Registration Details

Download registration forms by clicking here.

Mail the registration form and fee to:
Jan Mallak
2244 Manordale Drive
Export, PA 15632

Doula Training in Wheeling, WV

Organization Name:  Wheeling Hospital
Phone:  304-243-3235

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements
  • Childbirth education class (8 part series, not affiliated with DONA certification)
  • Breastfeeding class  (not affiliated with DONA certification)

Course and Workshop Topics

As part of your doula training, these classes will cover the following:
  • Discuss changes and common challenges that can occur during pregnancy, labor, and birth
  • Learn to identify the different stages of labor 
  • Gain knowledge about the various options for pain management during labor
  • Discuss the mother's involvement in the growth and development of an infant
  • Gain knowledge about how take care of a newborn during the postpartum period
  • Learn the methods proper breastfeeding such as positioning and milk storage

Costs and Fees

Childbirth education series - $30
Breastfeeding class - $20

Registration Details

You can register for Childbirth education series by calling 304-243-3235.  You can register for the breastfeeding class by calling 304-243-5058,