Doula Training in North Dakota

Having a certification or becoming a certified doula is optional in North Dakota because the state does not have that requirement.  Some jobs require you to be certified, so many doulas opt to enroll in a certification program.  Additionally, North Dakota does not require doulas to have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to work or train within the state.

Below is a listing of various educational courses, workshops, or other resources in the North Dakota area which you can use for your doula training.  If a class is required by a certification curriculum, it will be noted in the details.  You do not have to become certified in order to attend, however, it is required that you be of at least 18 years or older.

Doula Training Near North Dakota in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Organization Name:  Julie Doula Workshop
Instructor:  Jenn Fontaine
Phone:  204-297-6094

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

The training will consist of a 3 day birth doula training workshop and a 1 day Introduction to Childbirthing for Doulas course.  Both the workshop and the intro course is required for DONA certification, however, the intro class is optional if you meet the DONA requirements from another source.  The workshop and intro class will be offered from the following dates:

  • April 21-24, 2017
  • Sept 23-24, Sept 30-Oct 1, 2017

Costs and Fees

The cost for the doula training workshop and the intro course is $625.

Registration Details

To register and pay online, click here.

Doula Training in Williston, ND

Organization Name:  Mercy Medical Center
Phone:  701-774-7009

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements
  • Childbirth 101 class (not affiliated with DONA)
  • Breastfeeding class (not affiliated with DONA)
  • Newborn care class (not affiliated with DONA)

Course and Workshop Topics

As part of your doula training, these classes will cover the following:
  • Discuss changes that occur during late pregnancy and labor from a registered nurse and lamaze certified child birth educator
  • Learn about the different stages of labor progression
  • Discuss how to prepare for the baby both physically and emotionally
  • Determine how to manage pain during labor through medical and non-medical applications
  • Gain knowledge about how to nurture a newborn including such topics as sleeping habits, safety, and bathing.
  • Learn how to prepare for successful breastfeeding by discussing common questions and concerns about nutrition and technical issues of breastfeeding

Costs and Fees

All class are $10.

Registration Details

You can register online and view the class schedules by clicking here.  For more information or questions, call 701-774-7009.