Doula Training in Nebraska

In Nebraska, along with most other states in the US, you are not required to have a certification in order to practice as a birth doula.  Additionally, there is no requirement for a college degree to work in Nebraska.

The following is a list of educational courses and workshops available in Nebraska which can be used for your doula training.  Some classes are a required part of a certification criteria.  Please read the details carefully to determine whether the classes are a required part of the curriculum.  You are allowed to attend even if you are not getting certified.

Doula Training in Omaha, NE

Organization Name:  Academy of Certified Birth Educators
Instructor:  Sally Riley
Phone:  913-782-5116

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

The training will consist of a 3 day Birth doula training workshop and a Childbirth for Doulas class.  Both are required towards DONA certification and will be offered on June 22-24, 2017.

There is also an optional Breastfeeding for Doulas class offered on June 21, 2017 which will satisfy the DONA requirement for a breastfeeding course.

Course and Workshop Topics

As part of your doula training, these courses will cover the following:
  • Learn how to support the expectant mother
  • Discuss what a birth plan is and how to develop one to meet the needs of the mother
  • Identify the differences between normal and unexpected outcomes
  • Understand how to empower mothers to make their choices during labor and birth
  • Discuss how to continue to support your client during the postpartum period
  • Understand that the family of the newborn also needs your support
  • Discuss the ethics and requirements for certification

  • Read training books from the reading list
    • The Birth Partner by Simkin
    • The Doula Book by Klaus, Klaus & Kennell
  • Complete the course evaluation

Costs and Fees

Birth doula workshop - $450
A non-refundable $100 deposit is required during your registration
A $25 discount is available if the fees are paid at least 21 days before the class
The Breastfeeding class is $40

Registration Details

Download registration forms at

Fill out the form and mail to:
Academy of Certified Birth Educators
815 S. Clairborne, Suite 125
Olathe, KS 66062