Doula Training in Arkansas

The law in Arkansas permits doulas without a certification to be able to work in the state. However, many doulas choose to get certified for in order to become more qualified for future career prospects.  Additionally, Arkansas does not require a university diploma or equivalent in order to work as labor doula.

The following is a list of educational classes and resources available in the Arkansas area which can be used for your doula training.  If you are planning to enroll in a certification granting program, please read the classes details carefully to determine if they are affiliated with your program's curriculum. You do not have to be pursuing a certification in order to attend these classes.  However, you are required to be at least 18 years old to attend.

Doula Training in Fort Smith, AR

Organization Name:  Arkansas Family Doulas
Phone:  (501) 492-6644

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements

The training will consist of a 2 day labor doula training workshop.  This workshop is required for ProDoula certification.  The workshop will be offered on Feb 18-19, 2017.

Registration Details

To register, pay online, and find out more about prerequisites, click here.

Doula Training in Batesville, AR

Organization Name:  White River Health System
Phone:  870-262-1200

Course and Workshop Details and Requirements
  • Childbirth education class (not affiliated or required by a certification program)

Course and Workshop Topics

As part of your doula training, this class will cover the following:
  • Use videos, live demonstrations, and discussions to teach about the basic essentials of childbirth 
  • Discuss about pain management and safety
  • Discuss the differences between routine and special procedures during labor and birth
  • Learn techniques for newborn care such as bathing, diaper changes, and safety
  • Learn breastfeeding benefits and techniques from experienced nurses and lactation counselors

Registration Details

Contact the White River Health System to register for the Childbirth education class here.