Doula Grants and Scholarships

Training to be a doula, especially when getting certified, can be an expensive ordeal.  Enrolling in certification programs, workshops, and purchasing books can take a heavy toll on your budget.

Thankfully, there are training grants and scholarships available to help you with paying the training or certification expenses.  Without these sources of income, many women would not be able to afford to become doulas and experience the fulfillment of supporting a mother during childbirth.

Grants and Scholarship FAQs

Who gives out grants and scholarships?

There are many public and private agencies and professional organizations that give them out to qualified individuals.  These agencies include the federal and state governments, doula training programs, and certification programs.

Who can apply to be a recipient?

Certification and enrolling in training workshops is expensive.  Doulas who need funding to begin their training, to get certified, or have just taken the first steps in developing their doula business are the most common types of women who apply.

What are the requirements to receive a grant or scholarship?

Each organization determines the criteria and requirements for a recipient to qualify.  Some requirements are need based, where the organization considers your financial situation.  Others are merit based, in which you have to show motivation and past accomplishments.

How to get a grant or scholarship

You must communicate with the grant giving organization and submit a letter through email explaining why you need the grant or scholarship as well as your future plans as a doula.  It is important to mention your financial needs as well as any past healthcare education or references you have received in order to show your interest in becoming a doula.

List of Doula Grants and Scholarships and Their Requirements

Birth Arts International Certification Scholarship

Birth Arts International offers a scholarship towards its doula certification class.  This scholarship applies to virtual classroom online course.  This is a partial scholarship.  You must email the program and explain why you need the scholarship as well as your intentions after you finish your training. For more information and to apply, click here.

Community Based Doula Program Grant

The US Health Resources and Services Administration offers the Community Based Doula Program Grant.  Doulas who receive that grant will work to provide birth and labor support to mothers in disadvantaged situations, such as rural and urban communities.

For more information, contact:
Jeretha McKinley
National Program Director
Tel. 404-798-7718

Birth Workers of Color Scholarship

Doula Trainings International offers a Birth Workers of Color Scholarship.  Women of color who are interested in getting a birth or postpartum doula certification are encouraged to apply.  Applications require you to talk about your life experience or volunteer work as well as a list of references. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  For more information and the application form, click here.